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51km Airlie Beach to Lake Proserpine Drive west through Proserpine, on to Crystalbrook and Lake Proserpine for fishing, water skiing and wake boarding (private boats only) and the prettiest picnic spot in the vicinity. Walk along the Peter Faust Dam wall, watch the kids have a ball in the secure grassed areas; take their push bikes if you have them. Whilst in the area keep and eye out for gliders on the northern side of Crystalbrook Road, or watch some locals playing cricket or footy at the sports complex.
65km Airlie Beach to
Dingo Beach - Gape Gloucester
From Airlie, take the Bowen turn-off and follow the signs. The infinite white sands of Dingo Beach are a beach-combing paradise. Cape Gloucester is further along, featuring two eco-friendly beachfront resorts facing west onto Edgecumbe Bay, hence they are very proud of their spectacular sunsets, not to mention their lunch time hospitality.
75km Airlie Beach to Bowen
If you don’t plan on staying a day or so in Bowen to really absorb the fabulous beaches, cliff top walking trails and much more, then at least take a day drive. Turn right into Gregory-Cannonvalley Road, then turn right at the Strathdickie Smithy and follow the signs. Take a drive up to the top of the hill for a great orienting view at 360 on the Hill, drive through town to view the famous murals, spot the birds at Muller’s Lagoon, drive down to the famous beaches and explore them all. Take your snorkel gear, no need to worry about the tides here. Simply magical. Quiet, too.
80km Airlie Beach to
Cape Hillsborough National Park
Head south from Proserpine. Turn east on the Mount Ossa-Seaforth Road to Cape Hillsborough National Park, Seaforth and Haliday Bay. Grab your camera, stroll a shady bush track, spot birds and not so shy wallabies. Play golf at the nine hole golf course or kick off your shoes, cool down and picnic on a sandy beach. Stay a while to witness one of the spectacular sunsets.
171km Airlie Beach to
Pioneer Valley & Eungella
Drive to Proserpine, head down the Bruce Highway and turn right at Calen (partly unsealed), Mt Ossa or just past Kuttabul. All are scenic roads that lead you through Finch Hatton (interesting pub and craft shops) and the Pioneer Valley to a pretty mountain road. Drive the S-bends into Eungella, with its beautiful rainforest and over 30 km of bush walks. The view is spectacular. Optionally you can venture even further into the towering rainforest and white water country to Broken River Mountain Resort. Up on the mountain, if you stay into the evening, there’s a chance of sighting a platypus in the wild.
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